Is Your Business Using TikTok

Is your business using TikTok? If not, why not? TikTok may seem tailored towards younger generations, but this is a great misconception. TikTok offers a platform for user creation and expression and allows people of different ages and other demographics to connect artistically. These features are useful to support your business and promote your product/message. TikTok has over 800 million users worldwide, making it an effective advertising tool that your business should consider.

To use the TikTok app effectively for your business, you must understand its functions and main features. There are different screens that you can view: the ‘for you’ and the following page, a discover page, and your profile. The ‘for you’ page allows you to view content made by top-trending creators and videos. As you explore more, you can view more content. The following page shows the latest videos created by those you choose to follow. The advantage of using to ‘for you’ page is that you don’t need to follow anyone to have a broad and impressive user experience.

Is Your Business Using TikTok

Promoting your business on TikTok is easy. The app offers a step-by-step tutorial, and its website gives different ways for your business to gain user attention. On the site, you are also able to create an ad. The primary way to increase awareness is to use paid ads. There is a variety of options available and a price point to suit almost any need.

In-feed native content allows you to tell a brand story by integrating video content in the ‘for you’ feed. These videos can last 15 seconds or up to a minute. Like Instagram, there is automatic sound-on to engage audience attention.

By creating top view ads, you can have your advertisement placed at the top of the feed so that it is unmissable, and more people will see it.

Additionally, brand takeover ads are on full-screen display and can be shorter videos of about 3-5 seconds, such as an image, gif, or video. You can link these ads to your brand’s landing page to direct users to more information on your business and increases your product/service revenue.

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Another way to promote your business is by creating a branded hashtag challenge. This taps into user passion for creativity. If your brand chooses to offer more organic one, it faces the risk of not going viral. Therefore, TikTok gives you the option of sponsoring their challenges.

With branded effects and lenses, you can create exciting and visual tools that your audience can apply to their videos, such as shareable stickers, filters, and special effects specific to your business.

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