About Us

LARGO Connect works with individuals, companies, and organizations to establish industry-specific social media campaigns that drive traffic to your business. Working closely with clients to understand their goals, we use the latest techniques to harness the power of social media to amplify your message across social media networks, resulting in engaged customers. LARGO’s social media marketing services combine our experience with the client’s subject matter expertise to engage customers and target audiences, deliver maximum impact and generate sales.

LARGO Connect Approach

Our Approach

An integrated approach across platforms, collaborative processes, and consistency are key. LARGO merges the client’s subject matter expertise and current resources with our social media strategies to build your brand through social media campaigns. We keep our overhead low and customize services that best align with our client’s mission, goals and budget.

LARGO Connect Achievements

Our Achievements

For a relatively small investment as compared to traditional marketing methods, campaigns can result in reaching new and potential customers for a fraction of what it costs to buy online advertising or a “pay per click” campaign. A 30-day organic campaign of a current LARGO client recently generated over 40,000 impressions and 425 unique content clicks – a $5,800 value.

LARGO Connect Vision

Our Vision

Maximizing social media marketing channels is a new adventure for many businesses, and when team members have multiple responsibilities, this can be especially challenging. LARGO embeds our team with your team so that we can support your business’s ability to respond to market opportunities, move with agility to engage and attract customers, and drive revenue.

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