Social Networking and Branding Primer

Social Networking and Branding Primer

LARGO Connects social networking and branding primer takes a look at how social influencers are continuously redefining how potential customers respond to tweets, posts, and content sharing. Our team studies industry trends to ensure our clients are taking advantage of the most relevant social trends to maximize engagement. 

Social Networking and Branding Primer Profile Character Counts

Regardless of your message, the fewer characters you can use to engage potential customers, the better. For example:

LinkedIn Profile Post – personal status updates are limited to 1,300 characters but get cut off by LinkedIn at 140 characters in your feed (original Twitter Limit).

LinkedIn Company Page Post – a company update can be up to 700 characters in length but will also be cut off at 140 characters in your company feed.

Twitter – allows 280 characters, yet tweets between 71-100 characters get the most engagement.

Facebook Business Page Post – allows a post to be 63,206 characters long, but the general census is a post should be 40-50 characters.

Instagram – if you are looking to engage customers, captions should be under 125 characters, so the entire caption shows up in the feed. 

The LARGO Connect team works with our clients to craft shorter posts that link to the original content. Additionally, clients can expect to see the use of consistent hashtags so that potential customers can follow specific areas of interest. 

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Photos, Graphics, and Videos

Video is the king of content engagement. A short 30-second video can have more impact on engagement than a blog or article. It’s important to keep in mind that videos do not have to be professionally done to be effective. Some of the best videos are in the “raw” using a phone. 

I encourage you to consider creating in the “raw” videos or professional-quality videos for posting. Need help? LARGO can help you create video posts designed to promote your company or subject matter expertise. 

Blogging and Original Content Development

The key to engaging potential customers and driving website traffic is through blogging and search engine optimization. At LARGO, we work with various clients to write industry-specific content to minimize the use of informational content provided by other sources. The development and consistent posting of original website content is the best way to improve your online presence.

Are you harnessing the power of social media to amplify your message across social media networks? Don’t have time to manage your social media profiles? Maybe you need original and engaging industry-specific content? Contact the LARGO Connect team for more information on how we can manage your social network, build brand awareness, and drive website traffic, leaving you time to concentrate on your core business.

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